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Windjammer Annual Meeting - 2012
Hello fellow Association members, Board Members and Mr. Director, I am honored and proud to be here again this year and to have served as your President for another year.

It is always pleasurable for me to be hear as President and get to report on the nice things that have happened at Windjammer over the course of the year. Our management team led by John, have been able to surprise us again this year with significant improvements to property, landscaping, Unit interiors and to our presence worldwide by the targeted use of technology.

It's been another busy year in the improvements department and here are just a few of the highlights:
  • Getting us worldwide exposure is our Beach cam that since going live in November 2010 only 2 years ago has had over two million hits to date!
  • Windjammer now has an excellent Facebook page with over 500 fans.
  • We finished the re-cabling project so now all units now have flat screens in both the living room and the bedrooms.
  • Most of the rooms in the North Building have these great new dining tables that are extendable.
  • We have added a self contained and automated cleaning and sanitizing system for our laundry. The towels and sheets are the whitest you'll find in Town.
  • Units 204 and 205 now have new interior elevettes, so now all 4 townhouse models have new ones.
  • Unit 19 has a brand new kitchen.
  • Unit 201 has had a major overhaul and is unrecognizable from the way it was. It is going to be a very popular unit now.
  • Unit 2 also received a major overhaul. The kitchen is huge compared to the way it was and you can now access the bathroom from the living area.
  • The walkways of both buildings have been touched up and resealed. They look fantastic and we get great compliments on them.
  • We have new patio umbrellas in all our patio tables.
  • We have an incredible and extremely popular relaxation garden in the South pool area.
  • And the biggest improvement that will get noticed by all is that gone are the bags of charcoal, lighting fluid and waiting for the coals to get hot... We now have 3 new Weber gas grills for your outdoor cooking enjoyment!

John, I have to say that you and your team keep finding ways to make Windjammer better and better every year. All of these improvements on the budgets that we approve is highly commendable. The Board wishes to express their appreciation for your vision and managerial skills in making these improvements.

We must also recognize and thank our dedicated and hardworking housekeeping and maintenance staff for their hard work and dedication. Again this year and for the 9th year in a row, the Windjammer was awarded the White Glove award from Superior Small Lodging scoring an amazing 99% on the inspection report. In closing, to all our owners, we truly appreciate your support. You must be the best timeshare owners in the world because we never hear a complaint. All of us have been blessed to be a part of this great Windjammer family. Always nice, always well maintained and is constantly improving. The best part is that we all made many friends through the 30 year history. I am sure I speak for all of you when I say that I made a great quality of life decision when I became a member of the Windjammer family of owners.

We look forward to a great 2013 for Windjammer and its owners and guests.

Thank you.


4244 El Mar Drive, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida 33308 | 954-776-4232 |